Blockchain Technology


BlockAITech provides immutable, transparent, distributed fault-tolerant and cryptographically secured hackproof Next-generation distributed computing software solutions by using blockchain technology.



We provide complete solutions for cryptocurrency development, Starting from developing your own POW/POS Cryptocurrency coins, Running own stable ICO program, Development of all platform wallets with Web-based wallet services, Running Single coin cryptocurrency exchange for your coin.



We create Customized Blockchains for specific sectors and companies who wish to transform their business to a stable working platform.

Who We Are?

We are group of software developers passionate about creating & working on revolutionary software technologies like Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence located in Mumbai India.

blockaitech about us
blockaitech our vision


Our vision is to help people in understanding the benefits of incorporation of Blockchain into the business work structure. We believe in educating and creating an awareness about the underlying benefits of the use of Blockchain and create a paradigm shift in the traditional work structure and the basic thinking of humans regarding money.


We create Blockchain based products which get your centralized business to a decentralized platform for transparent and stable functioning. We aim to provide AI based services to users and budding businesses and startups. Replacement of Client-server architecture with the Blockchain platform is our expertise and vision to provide all our customers with a stable, Secure and transparent work structure regardless of the sector or the industry they belong to.